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French Bulldog Price


How Much Are French Bulldogs? or tell me the French bulldog price.

There are many factors and a wide range in cost with French bulldog puppies including bloodlines, gender, and colors.  We have seen French bulldog puppies as low as $3500 and  seen some puppies for sale more than $150,000! There are many factors that that determine French bulldog price. Please feel free to reach out to use to learn more about our french bulldog puppies prices. 

Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

An excellent french bulldog breeder, like Melzano Frenchies, place their French bulldog puppies as their top priority. It’s no secret that French Bulldogs have become an increasingly popular breed over recent years, due largely in part to their consistently cute demeanor and playful personalities. For this reason French Bulldog puppies have begun popping up on classified sites, at an inexpensive price (be careful of scams and sick french bulldog puppies). While some may look legitimate there are plenty of puppy mills that have nothing but unhealthy or neglected dogs that were just trying to make a quick buck off unsuspecting families looking for French Bulldogs without spending thousands of dollars on one from a reputable breeder.

It’s best just to stick with what you know, find a a quality breeder you know you can trust in your area and save yourself the headache later. It may cost a little extra in the end but it will be well worth it in the long run, to have a healthy happy french bulldog puppy that will bring joy to your life for years to come.


Have a Question?

Here are a few answers to common questions about pricing:


AKC is the abbreviation for American Kennel Club, the registry that authenticates the pedigree and purity of purebred dogs. On the application which comes with your puppy, we have the option of the puppy to be used for breeding (FULL) or a pet with no breeding rights (LIMITED). Almost all of my puppies go to pet homes, which means they will come with a spay/neuter contract and no breeding rights/limited registration. 

Yes, I’m willing to sell some puppies with full breeding right. My Frenchie puppies are beloved companions and treated that way first and foremost.

Unlike other breeds, french bulldogs need a lot of assistance to breed and successfully raise a litter. As a result, a lot more time and money is require to produce a litter of puppies. In addition to the money, work, and time put into raising a health and socialized litter of puppies, other factors including color, pedigree, and structure are taken into consideration. To get a clear understanding of what it takes to produce a healthy litter of French Bulldog puppies, here are the average cost required in order to have a litter of puppies:

Breeding Costs
⦁ Progesterone testing for mom – $75.00 per test, 3 test minimum
⦁ Stud Fees – $1500.00 – $2500.00
⦁ Artificial Insemination – $300.00 – $1,000.00 (depending on fresh or frozen)
⦁ C-Section – $1000.00
Required Whelping Equipment
⦁ Whelping Box - $500.00
⦁ Whelping Pads and Mats - $300.00
⦁ Incubator = $1000.00
⦁ Oxygen Concentrator - $750.00
⦁ Nasal Aspirator - $250.00
⦁ Bottlers and Nursing System - $150.00
⦁ Formula & Da y1 Plasma - $150.00
⦁ Crate (Training of puppies) - $150.00
⦁ Puppy Play Gym - $150.00

Pre-Natal Care
⦁ Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy – $150.00
⦁ X-ray to confirm number of puppies before C-Section – $150.00
⦁ Supplements For Mom During Pregnancy - $100.00
Puppy Care given prior to going to new homes (each puppy)
⦁ Physical Exams – $65.00
⦁ Vaccines – $50.00
⦁ Check for Internal Parasites – $50.00
Time, Service, and other Factors
⦁ Socialization of puppies
⦁ Bottle/Monitor Feeding – Every 2 hours (first week)
⦁ Crate Training of puppies
⦁ Temperament Testing
⦁ Interviewing Prospective Homes

After all these investments, there have been several times when we have had 1 puppy or a failed pregnancy altogether. My dogs are my life and require time and involvement at all times. There are no holidays, no time off, no vacations, and when there are newborn babies - we don’t sleep for days. The payment we receive is the unconditional love from our “4-legged kids” and the joy from our new owners.