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French Bulldog Breeder California

I am so glad your search for well-bred french bulldog puppies led you to us. We are a quality french bulldog breeder in California located in San Diego, about 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. We built our foundation with quality adult french bulldogs and breed for quality, not quantity. We strive to produce happy, healthy, well socialized French bulldog puppies. Our Frenchie puppies are raised in our home and are socialized with people and other pets including cats and birds (parrots). Our French Bulldogs are more than pets, they are our family. In fact, we purchased our home specifically for our dogs! We are always increasing our knowledge not only about French bulldogs but also how to raise, breed, and train our exception French bulldog companions. We pride ourselves on being experts in this these important areas and experts on French bulldogs.are born. Even though we are a French bulldog breeder in California, we can provide our puppies nationwide with our “flight nanny” service.

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Our Background In Dogs
We started in purebred dogs over 18 years ago with the purchase of a parti-color cocker spaniel. Shortly after acquiring our cocker spaniel and want to start showing dogs in AKC (American Kennel Club) dog shows, we purchased our first show dog, a standard poodle. We finished our poodle and he achieved his AKC championship title. Due to the 4 hour show grooming preparation (baths and haircuts) that standard poodles need for the show ring, we decided to “downsize” and start raising and showing toy poodles. We have bred multiple AKC champions and have many finished AKC champions that were used in our breeding program. While having fun with toy poodles, I purchased a “pet” French bulldog who became the love of my life. Our love affair with French bulldogs took off. Our show poodles are retired from the show ring. they are living a good life here in San Diego and our focus is now French Bulldogs and offering quality French bulldog puppies for sale.

Why Purchase Your French Bulldog Puppy From Melzano Frenchies

You can expect a world class companion because Melzano Frenchies is an elite French Bulldog Breeder that understands how to properly raise and care for french bulldogs. We understand the importance of early socialization for puppies and provide full after sales support to all puppy buyers. Unlike other french bulldog breeders, Melzano Frenchies also performs personality testing on their puppies. The personality testing provides key insights to the new puppy owner about their puppy’s personality.  Melzano Frenchies usually has quality AKC registered puppies available year-round in a wide variety of colors, including blue french bulldogs.

Remember, a top French bulldog breeder thinks of their dogs as part of their family. It is important to not only find the right puppy, but also purchase from a trusted French bulldog breeder that truly understands how to properly care, raise, and socialize companion french bulldog puppies.

What is Included with Our French Bulldog Puppies

We usually have well-bred, home raised AKC registered French Bulldog puppies available year-round. Colors will vary by litter, however we raise brindle, fawn, blue, merle, lilac, lilac and tan, and blue fawn. We specialized in blue French bulldogs (as that is our favorite color). All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and AKC registered. Our new French bulldog puppy owners are also given a copy of our French bulldog “ebook”, our new puppy training guide, and a free 30 day vet insurance policy from Trupanion. We breed for temperament, size and overall general health. The babies are raised in our master bedroom from Day 1. The puppies are very socialized and are handled everyday from the day they are born. We are a French bulldog breeder in California, specifically located in San Diego, California and can provide our puppies nationwide with our “flight nanny” service.

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We include a “training packet"

Puppy Socialization Guide For New Owners

Elite breeder of Quality French Bulldogs.

What Makes Us Different and Why Buy Your

Elite French Bulldog Puppy From Melzano Frenchies?

There is a lot of fraud out there. Regardless if you select purchase a puppy from Melzano Frenchies or not, here are some guidelines and things to consider when selecting a breeder and to keep in mind when looking for your perfect puppy:

⦁ Is there a signed sales contract in place to protect the buyer?

⦁ Is it even real? Why are some people offering French bulldogs at a much lower price? What’s wrong with it and does it look like a quality French bulldog puppy?  Remember, you get what you pay for in terms of health, looks, and quality. There are no shortcuts and vet bills will cost in more in the long run when you compare the initial cost of a well-bred puppy versus an inexpensive puppy.

⦁ Do they have a real Website? Remember, a Facebook Page and Instagram account are NOT valid websites. However, most breeders will have all three accounts active. 

⦁ Are they ethical breeders? Do their boys and girls look like good examples of the breed standard?

⦁ Has the puppy you’re buying been to the vet, had health checks, microchip, deworming, and vaccines up to date? A quality breeder should provide you the puppy’s health records and deworming records.

⦁ Veterinarians are expensive! Has the puppy been to the vet and checked for health?

⦁ Do they provide written health guarantee and written sales agreement?

⦁ It’s easy to take photos off the internet and post fake ads. Ethical and quality breeders will conduct video calls such as Skype and FaceTime so you can see the puppy in real time. 

Saving a few hundred or thousand dollars on a puppy can result in paying much more for the vet later. High-quality food and vitamins, vaccinations, and regular check-ups have their price but these are absolutely inevitable to breed healthy Frenchies with a strong immune system. Unethical breeders save on these costs and therefore can reduce their prices. Be suspicious if you see puppies for in the range of $1,000-$1,500!


We are honest and up front with all our puppy buyers. Once a client has chosen a puppy and a purchase agreement is signed, that puppy is reserved for the client and no one else! We do not show the same puppy to other buyers to bid up the price or come back to the client asking for more money. As the puppy grows, we do not decide that puppy is too nice to sell, so we keep it, and leaving the client empty handed. It is all about  providing the best experience and support possible for our puppy buyers. We are here long after you take your puppy home.